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Orlando nurse plotted to have ex-wife killed, cops say

That cast hadda go!! Screw the mouth surgery... the emotional pain is building and I needa blog!

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Orlando nurse plotted to have ex-wife killed, cops say

Walter Pacheco Sentinel Staff Writer

A doctored photo, a bitter custody battle and an undercover agent posing as a hit man all played a role in a registered nurse's plot to murder his ex-wife, police said.

Osceola County sheriff's deputies on Friday arrested Tommy Lyle Carlton of Orlando on charges of premeditated murder. He is in the Osceola County Jail and faces $100,000 bail.

Officials said a tip sparked an investigation that showed Carlton, 35, paid an undercover deputy an undisclosed amount of cash to kill his former wife before their child-custody hearing May. 14. He was involved in a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife over the pair's only child, a 10-year-old son.

"Carlton and the agent agreed on a price and [Carlton] handed over the money," sheriff's spokeswoman Twis Lizasuain said. "The agent later showed [Carlton] a photo of his dead ex-wife, which was actually a modified version that looked as if she had been shot to death."

Investigators said Carlton, a nurse who visits his patients' homes, showed no remorse when the supposed hit man showed him the photo.But soon afterward, Carlton's cool began to fade.
Deputies contacted Carlton on Friday and asked him to come to the Sheriff's Office because they were investigating the possible homicide of his ex-wife.

He told detectives he had not seen her in a while but admitted "everyone knew they didn't get along," according to officials.

Moments later, the undercover agent walked in wearing his badge. Lizasuain said Carlton admitted knowing the deputy but would not comment on how he knew him.

"At that point, he stopped cooperating," Lizasuain said. "He didn't seem to understand what was happening."

Investigators said his ex-wife was "surprised, concerned and upset" when she learned of Carlton's plot to kill her. Deputies moved her and their son to a secret location while investigators took down her former husband.

Orange County court records show Carlton and his ex-wife have been involved in a child-custody battle since 1999 that involved increased child support, delinquent child-support payments, changes in visitation schedules and a temporary injunction against Carlton.

State records show the two also had filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1999.

Lizasuain said Carlton told investigators that he plotted to kill his ex-wife because her current boyfriend was allegedly abusing their child.

"There was nothing to substantiate those claims of abuse," Lizasuain said. "It appears [the plot] had more to do with money and custody of the child."

Orlando nurse plotted to have ex-wife killed, cops say -- OrlandoSentinel.com

My two cents-

When are they gonna get it? The way the system is set up these results of divorce and child custody - are more and more common!

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