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Site created by TK of Kentucky, share your stories with him, he has his YouTube Video and radio show story online (his daughter was in foster care, a daughter he didn’t even know about) until child support stepped in. We are on a mass campaign to bring awareness far and wide, across this nation to uncover the scandalous; most corrupted system of legal kidnapping in the history of America, this organization is not new. The history of DCF which originated in Germany arrived to America’s shores long ago. They prey upon America’s young and poor, illegal and uneducated. I recommend that if you know of anyone who has been a victim of CPS/DCF fraud that they create a website, and let everyone know about it. Send it to everyone on your email list, let us merge and join forces and fight back. Teach each other. Remember the most important part of any court case is to write your sworn statement in response to any alleged accusation is “immediately” and give it to your public defender, attorney or by self-representation. DO NOT allow this entity to dictate to you. IT is critical that you do this right away before the train runs away with your child and your life savings. Let us merge sites, link to each other and create the largest mass web ring across our nation. Training and educational materials are provided. Most of you know my site (Florida Report DCF Fraud) we collect and document reports of foster care abuse, forced drugging, illegal court room activities, out of control social workers and more (your information is strictly confidential and never used nor given to anyone without your informed and written consent. Also, there are two major video sites and . I recommend every state create a data collection site for those involved with (please sign the petition to push this nationwide bill) to have all disclosure forms available at every court house in America. Disclosure watch provides training in the area of disclosure; you can receive training by one of our state co-chairs on how to counter investigate your accusers. Please add your site to my web ring as soon as possible; I am getting ready to summit my site to over 15,000 search engines and newsgroups. Also, here is a great site for those defending pro se and Christian Citizens Against Corruption (site for submitting a press release) . Remember families, link up and link together.

Josie Perez, co-chair
State of Florida
Disclosure Watch U.S.
Because you are not alone…
(site still under heavy construction but the reporting forms for Florida are available)

from: TK with

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Anonymous said...

Children are our future, yet it appears they are being alienated, used, abused, discarded, maimed, exploited and even murdered all in the name of power and money! I will do whatever I can to stop the abuse of innocent children, including my own, who are being emotionally and possibly physically abused, thanks to our wonderful system! Please help me in my fight to reform CPS. They MUST be brought in line with lawful investigation practices, to maintain civil and Constitutional Rights. Stop the war against Americas families NOW! Injustice against one American is injustice against ALL Americans.

lee_arango said...

Is a senator on board...We are uniting to be heard..leonor arango 727-320-5540 God Bless