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Victims of Another War: The Aftermath of Parental Alienation.

Press Release -

((Ok so I just found out this was a press relase TWO years ago- Hmmm now I need to find out what this movie was about and why it wasn't shown in a theater near you? Ohh yeah I know why!

It goes against certian politics Pfttttttttttttttttt ))


Debut Screening of Cutting-Edge Documentary Premiers October


The bonds between parents and children are powerful, but how does a child respond when a parent twists those bonds vindictively to hurt the other parent? A new documentary aims to answer that question and give victims a voice.

Since 2000, the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC) and its affiliate organization Parents & Abducted Children Together (PACT) have been working together to combat international child abduction and on October 5, at 6:00 p.m., ICMEC will proudly host the U.S. debut screening of the groundbreaking PACT film "Victims of Another War: The Aftermath of Parental Alienation."

In the documentary, three victims of parental alienation and/or international parental kidnapping convey through their own words and photographs, the psychological impact their ordeals have had on their childhoods and adult lives. It's the first time a film has tackled head-on this intimate form of family violence.

The screening will take place in the Jimmy Ryce Law Enforcement Training Center at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) in Alexandria, Virginia.

The evening will begin with a catered reception and opening remarks by:
• Honorable Arnold I. Burns, ICMEC Chairman.
• Ernie Allen, ICMEC President and CEO.
• Lady Meyer, PACT Founder, victim parent, and wife of the former British Ambassador to the United States.
• Glenn Gebhard, the documentary's producer and director.

After the screening, an unprecedented panel – comprised of a "taking" parent and victims of parental alienation – will discuss their experiences and answer audience questions.

Anticipated attendees include foreign embassy representatives; members of the International Child Abduction Attorney Network; and delegates from the Congressional Caucus on Missing & Exploited Children and the Senate Caucus on Missing, Exploited, and Runaway Children. Representatives are also expected from the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S.

Department of State, as well as Board Members of ICMEC and NCMEC.**


**Media representatives are asked to rsvp to Christina Portz at 703-837-6329 or Space is limited.

The International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC), founded in 1998 and launched by the U.S.-based National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, works to identify and coordinate a global network of organizations fighting child sexual exploitation and abduction.

ICMEC's work brings promise to children and families by: establishing a global resource to find missing children and prevent child sexual exploitation; creating national centers and affiliates worldwide; building an international network to disseminate images of and information about missing and exploited children; providing training to law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, legal professionals, non-governmental organizations, and government officials; and advocating for changes in laws, treaties, and systems to protect children worldwide.

Parents & Abducted Children Together (PACT) is a non-profit organization registered in both the United States and the United Kingdom. PACT was founded in 1999 by Lady Meyer, when she was living in Washington, D.C. with her husband, then British Ambassador to the United States.

PACT's mission is to fight parental child abduction internationally and, in partnership with law enforcement, to locate and retrieve missing children. PACT works with governments, legal authorities, law enforcement, the media, and other nonprofit organizations, not only to raise awareness of this growing problem, but also to find workable solutions for the protection of children. PACT's main focus is advocacy, policy, and research. PACT is an Associate of ICMEC.-

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. NCMEC's congressionally mandated CyberTipline, a reporting mechanism for child sexual exploitation, has handled more than 340,000 leads. Since its establishment in 1984, NCMEC has assisted law enforcement with more than 116,000 missing child cases, resulting in the recovery of more than 94,000 children.

For more information about NCMEC, call its toll-free, 24-hour hotline at 1-800-THE-LOST or visit


Communications DepartmentNCMECMedia LIne703-837-6111

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