Thursday, September 13, 2007

State askes the people to respond to how they are doing -Gail answers

Today a friened of mine Gail Head yes the same woman that put together the Awareness quilt wrote a letter to CPS in her hometown of Texas.

I had to share, so with her permission here it is..

From Gail Head

(She is open to anyone contacting her for more info- or even a story)

This is a copy of the email letter I sent in reponse to the published article for TX asking "how they are doing". I seriously doubt I will get an answer, but I sent in my opinion. And now, we wait to see "if" they respond.

Dear Ms Elizabeth Kromrei,

It amazes me that such an important as issue as this with a survey to "hear" from parents and citizens of this State of Texas to report their experiences and findings regarding the doings and activities of CPS would be shut down so soon after being published. That certainly makes it appear that the truth is "not wanted" in the reports, or, CPS has been hit in the face with far more truth than they can handle dealing with. The truth is what it is and what it is, is that CPS needs to be SHUT DOWN and a new system put in its place. CPS is CORRUPT to the very core~!!!

The Caseworkers are literally, and ILLEGALLY I might add, destroying innocent families every day over and over again. These are common street-walkers who are not trained in Social Work and how to work with families in trouble and children trutly at risks or in harm's way. These caseworkers are given crash courses of a few short weeks, as testified to in a hearing that I attended when she was asked under oath about her training and how long she had been a caseworker with CPS, then turned out on the streets to "investigate" and destroy families, taking into state custody every child they can manage to snatch. This is NOT what CPS was established for. However, CPS has now become nothing more than a STATE MONEY-MAKING BUSINESS with the commodity being our children. The government financial incentives speak for themselves. The truth is what the truth is.

There is NO accountability in the CPS department. The caseworkers LIE, fabricate, twist and distort the facts, in every aspect of the case to whatever extent they "think" they need to do in order to justify their actions against the families, enter it into the court records and attest under oath to them being true facts. What's the legal term used for that? PERJURY. However, they couldn't care less as they know nothing will be done about their commission of that even under oath. They just claim "immunity". It is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY~!!! It is NOT about helping children and families but rather helping themselves to the children of our families.

Want FACTS to support what I am saying? I'm sure you already have them and probably know them like the back of your hand, but just in case you should need them, I will gladly show you just how ILLEGALLY your caseworkers are operating in your CPS offices. I can personally show you the FACTS of 2 such offices and each being in a different county. This is "par" for the whole State of Texas. How brave are you to sit down and face me with the FACTS in black and white??? I even have admission by 2 of your workers committing to Medicaid FRAUD. Oh but FRAUD when committed by your workers is acceptable even though it's breaking the LAW. Right???? Nothing was done to them when I turned it in so obviously, that's acceptable practice within the agency, just like all the other ILLEGAL actions that are never questioned nor dealt with.

So, in answer to the question, How is CPS doing???? ROTTEN~!!! CPS as is stands presently should be DESTROYED and a new system put it in place with some LEGAL checks and balances to prevent it from becoming the REAL ABUSERS of children and their families. CPS was designed and set up to PROTECT children from being abused and neglected. Well, well, NOW we have the total opposite of that. CPS IS NOW the ABUSER and NEGLECTOR. Caseworkers snatch the children, run with them, toss them into abusive foster homes, (and yes, I have proof of that too), start the process of PAS so that they can end their course of none to rare existant reunification with a TPR and then SELL the children into one of their adoption placements and collect the huge Federal Government Adoption Bonus Incentive for doing so. Legalized Black Market Child Trafficing. Cold hard TRUTH of what the TRUTH is. All of you sitting there in your high-up CPS offices who think we, the parents of this state and this country don't know what is going on and what you are doing, you best "think again".

WHY don't you start with these complaints and the TRUTH in these emails about what is going on and do a REAL INVESTIGATION into what your caseworkers are doing ILLEGALLY to your Texas Families. PUT BACK TOGETHER what they have shredded and destroyed, back-charge them for their collection of funds for the ILLEGAL cases they did, then PROSECUTE them for it~!!! The State Agency could then hire QUALIFIED Social Workers who would HELP the children and their families in the ways they need to be helped rather than destroy as many families as they can for the money, as is happening today.

CPS is ROTTEN to the very core and their work speaks for itself. I personally DARE you to open your door to the facts I hold in my hands that PROVE what I am saying. I shall wait and see if you bother to even respond to this letter, let alone face me to see the TRUTH and FACTS.


Gail Head
PO Box 392
Paradise, TX 76073

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