Saturday, September 8, 2007

My living Situation While I Was Growing Up

I found this amazing Blog today..

As usual my input will be in another color-today it'll be RED -

It is from an adult child that was alienated, here's some of what she has to say ...

I lived with my late mother. My sister and I saw our male parent every three weeks, on average, and spoke to him on the telephone once a week. My male parent is the alienator.

My case was unusual, wasn't it?

Normally the alienator is the mother and the alienated is the father, but not all cases are the same. It still astounds me that he could do so much damage to my head when he wasn't even there most of the time!!

(This was the case with my babies in the begining- he alienated them while I had custody and allowed- no not allowed- while I encouraged his participation in daily activites with them, just as long as he didn't abuse me- Pfttttttttttt here he was abusing me worse than he was when I had lived with him- he was taking away the ONE THING IN MY LIFE that I would be destroyed without- MY BABIES- with LIES AND MANIPULATION HIS POISION)

I don't understand that and if someone can explain it, I'd love to hear.

What I think is most likely is that he got in there first: he began telling me that my mother didn't love me the minute she said she wanted a divorce

("Mummy doesn't love us anymore!"), and he kept it up. It was consistent and continuous and a barrage and always, ALWAYS at the back of my mind - for thirty years.

Every time my mother said no to me or didn't do what I wanted, I believed it was because she did not love me or want me - because he said so.

Without exception. I thought every single one of her NOs was because she didn't love me.

Can you imagine growing up with that? Growing up in a house with a parent you thought didn't want you?

(I wonder if its worse when you have NO CONTACT with the alienated parent as in my children's case- they do not get to SEE that I LOVE THEM MORE THAN LIFE! My ex has apparent political connections and he's been able to LEGALLY keep me from them- EVEN after I've filed Law Suit- against ACS child anything BUT protective services for their LIES that enabled him to get legal custody coerced out of me after EIGHTEEN MONTHS of seperation and a promise from my then court appointed waste of time lawyer if I only gave him custody then I could see my babies- WHAT A FU*% ING LIE!)

I still believed this a year ago (now I'm just confused). I grew up thinking that she was cruel and deliberately nasty - because he said so.

To read the rest of this story .. click here - Parental Alienation: September 2007

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