Sunday, January 2, 2011

Parent Alienation Syndrome ‐ By Dr Andre PhD DAPA PDF Ebook

I came accross this E-Book by accident today.. thought it was worth sharing..


Historically, Parent Alienation Syndrome (PAS) has been fairly and unfairly criticized in both judicial and mental health communities. It has been used appropriately and inappropriately by the legal system, and is hotly debated by social movements. Proponents applaud it as a distinctly diagnosable phenomenon and appreciate the clarity it brings to diagnosis and treatment of intra and interfamily dynamics. Critics sometimes go so far as to deny it exists. Some courts have recognized it, while other courts have barred testimony on it. For psychologists, therapists, mediators, custody evaluators, and forensic psychologists who have dealt with the truly stunning behavior of an alienated child, or the sorrow and confusion of a rejected parent, or the characterlogical pathology of a hateful alienating parent, its existence is not in question. Given the large number of children of divorce who are likely to be vulnerable to this problem, there is widespread potential for far‐reaching and tragic circumstances for individuals, families, and society. It is plainly apparent that empirical data is much needed and long overdue.

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EJ said...

Lets keep in mind the theorist behind PAS, Dr. Richard Gardner, supported all sorts of crazy notions such as everyone has pedophillic urges and incest is not bad for children.

He died after committing suicide.

"The Bergen County (New Jersey) Medical Examiner reported that Dr. Richard Gardner died a gory, bloody and violent death - from his own hand. Gardner took an overdose of prescription medication while stabbing himself several times in the neck and chest. Gardner plunged a butcher knife deep into his heart.

The medical examiner removed the knife from Gardner's chest and listed the stabbing wounds as the cause of death."