Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do You Want Your Parenting & Civil Rights Back?

Below there is a link to an amazing U-Tube video by Leon Koziol.

Leon has been a Civil Rights Attorney for nearly a quarter of a century..

He gets it and he's doing something about it!

He's is leading parents in the Right Direction toward getting back that which our wonderful "System" has taken from us... our Constitutional, Family, and Civil Rights

Please watch the video and join us!

Koziol Oultines Plans for Upcoming Tele-Conferences and Seminars « Leon Koziol


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Alex Reed said...

I read your comment on my blog. I hope you continue to read. Maybe you can learn something.

Louise Uccio said...

Alex, I chose to published your comment (above) despite its arrogant overtones.

I as well, hope you continue to read my blog and perhaps you too can learn something.


Alex Reed said...

Well then, I look forward to your comments and what you can "teach" me.

Alex Reed said...

If you interpreted my comment to have arrogant overtones, yet you in turn use those same words in your response, it doesn't make yours a clever retort. It constitutes hypocritical behavior. My blog is dedicated to hypocrites.

Dana said...

I looked for the U Tube video and it doesn't exist. I also clicked on the blog and again nothing. So this is on the level if so I would like to know if this lawyer has any advice on outing crooked judges and DA's. I have tapes that prove my accusations.

Dana said...

I went to the U Tube link and there was nothing. I also checked the blog and again nothing. I would really like to find out if this guy is legit and if he knows how to out crooked judges, and DA's etc. I have tapes that prove what I say right down to conspiracy, malicious prosecution, fraud and fraud upon the court along with perjury etc.

Zoey said...

I've met him in person. He is very real, he too was screwed by the system he worked for (he was an attorney.

Here is his page, I hope this helps.