Sunday, April 18, 2010

Federal Lawsuit

I finally finished!

For my friends my regular readers and those who know of or know me in the real world.. You know I've been working on this lawsuit for years.

Ok, ok, well, not really years on this particular lawsuit.. this one actually took about six (6) months to learn the Federal Rules of procedure and the Federal laws.

But in general I've had to learn more than I ever thought I'd have to learn about New York & Federal law, politics and psychology and before I'd be able to put something like this together and without any guidance, direction or education.. it wasn't easy!!

Nonetheless it's FILED! Donedided.. yes I want to celebrate!

Who's buying me a very long awaited and well earned drink?

P.S. The rest of the suit will be scanned and posted down on the right hand side of this blog with the rest of them ASAP!

Use it as a template if you want and lets take back that which has been taken from us once and for all~ Our Children and our Constitutional Rights!
P.P.S. Don't ever forget Nancy Schaefer! I love myself and have no desire to commit suicide! I don't do drugs, so any over dose would be murder! I drive and ride with 120% awareness and respect for the road.. so no "fatal accidents" should be believed! I'm not leaving the State.. nadda!
In short, if anything happens to me know where it came from!
Lets never forget the late formor Senator, Nancy Schafer!
Or Beverly Eckert!
Two lives cut short.. stifling the exposure they were sharing with us all, and two deaths that I wonder daily about!
Interesting.. one story says Mr Schaefer shot himself in the chest, the next story claims he shot himself in the head!
No, I'm not paranoid just a realist, who loves her kids enough to do whatever it takes to let them know they weren't abandoned or unwanted EVER, even if that puts me in harms way!


LRSadvocate said...

I am doing something similar. God I wish we lived in the same State so we could work together. It is HARD. and time consuming. My friends are always asking me what are you reading all the time. Also I am featuring you on the site. Please post the rest. I will also send you some of my links for free research, will you do the same? Proud of you sister warrior :) said...

My Sista from a different Mista,

I'm so proud of you and extremely happy for you. I know just how hard you've worked on this and I also know how much you have suffered at the hands of these judicial/system infidels and vultures. I pray continuously that your tireless efforts will pay off in a record breaking and history making victory... and I will be there to celebrate with you.

Much Love and Blessings.

Karlene Gordon

Rob said...

That is awesome, congrats. I linked to your blog thanks for all the info.

Mistchf said...

You are awesome...