Saturday, April 3, 2010

Biker or Not "BON" gathering for Domestic Violence

I want to share a video that was sent to me this morning by one of my Biker or Not (BON) friends Dino, on domestic violence..

Take a peek, you get to "see" what it "looks like" while youre riding also. He added a motorcycle view (his), on the way to the gathering, it's pretty cool.

His message and link >> "BONfire in The Desert 2010 please leave any comments if you can… positive or not… my improvement depends on it.
Thank you for your support.

BONFIRE in the Desert 2010 03 20 from Dino(r0guerat$) on Vimeo."

If you want to come see what Biker or Not (BON) is all about, check out my profile.. and then if you join, friend request me.

I've also embedded this video on the right hand side of this blog for all to see at a later date.

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