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Attention NY parents


The New York State Senate is about to vote on legislation that will give aschool nurse or doctor the power to vaccinate children under- age 18 yearsof age with controversial vaccines such as GARDASIL and Hep B-- WITHOUT parental "consent or knowledge." Sexually transmitted diseases are NOT communicable through casual contact. The Gardasil vaccine is engulfed in much controversy because it is not at all proven that its risk / benefit ratio favors children's welfare.

Indeed, the vaccine's period of effectiveness is unknown while mountingevidence shows that it poses serious risks for some children and young womenexposed to it.

See: The Risks and Benefits of HPV Vaccination by Charlotte Haug, MD, PhD,MSc JAMA. EDITORIAL. 2009; 302(7):795-796.

Not be ignored is Merck's record of aggressive, illegal marketing of drugs including the Gardasil vaccine: Merck is on record of having bribed state legislators to mandate Gardasil.

Let the NYS legislators below know that S4779B violates parental rights and responsibility to make health care decisions on behalf of their children. S4779B is BEYOND THE BOUNDS OF SCHOOL AUTHORITY.

Who will bear moral, medical, and financial responsibility should a child be harmed by a vaccine that was administered to a child WITHOUT parental knowledge or consent?

Contact: Vera Hassner Sharav veracare@ahrp.org 212-595-8974


Date: February 8, 2010 10:38:49 AM EST

To: cfic@nyct.net

Subject: URGENT: info for religious or vaccine-aware parents

Reply-To: cfic@nyct.net

Friends: The following info is of critical importance to religious conservatives and/or parents who wish to have consent rights for vaccinations.

The NYS Senate Code Committee will vote on S4779B Tuesday (tomorrow) at 10:30 AM in the capitol blding. L

WHY is this bill bad?

It gives a school nurse or MD the power to vaccinate or treat (if infected) your under-18 year old child with STD vaccinations (Hep-B and GARDASIL) WITHOUT your "consent or knowledge."

It also seems flawed.

Are there provisions in state law that defines one who has a "capacity" to consent to a vaccination?

If not, then how can this law be implemented? And what would prevent a school nurse from vaxxing a 6 yr old student?

And how could a 6 yr old "consent" toobtaining a vaccine?

This is the applicable excerpt:

QUOTE This section also provides that a health care practitioner may provide health care related to the prevention of a sexually transmissible disease, including administering vaccines, to a person under age eighteen without the consent or knowledge of his or her parents or guardians, provided such person has capacity to, consent to the care, without regard to the person's age, and the-person consents. UNQUOTE

There are other problems with this bill. But here's the wording for you to judge:


TITLE OF BILL : An act to amend the public health law, in relation to providing medical care to minors for sexually transmitted diseases without a parent's or guardian's consent

PURPOSE OR GENERAL IDEA OF BILL : To ensure that the immunization against HPV is administered to people at a time when it is most effective.

SUMMARY OF SPECIFIC PROVISIONS : Section one amends section 2305 of the public health law to provide that no person other than a health care practitioner shall diagnose, treat or prescribe for a person who is infected with a sexually transmissible disease, or who has been exposed to infection with a sexually transmissible disease, or dispense or sell a drug, medicine or remedy for the treatment of such person except on prescription of ahealth care practitioner.
Section two amends subdivision 2 of section 2305 of the public health law to provide that a health care practitioner may diagnose, treat or prescribe treatment for a sexually transmissible disease for a person under age eighteen without the consent or knowledge of his or her parents or guardians where such person is infected with a sexually transmissible disease or has been exposed to infection with a sexually transmissible disease.

This section also provides that a health care practitioner may provide health care related to the prevention of a sexually transmissible disease, including administering vaccines, to a person under age eighteen without the consent or knowledge of his or her parents or guardians, provided such person has capacity to, consent to the care, without regard to the person's age, and the-person consents. The section provides further that any release of patient information regarding vaccines provided under this section shall be consistent with sections 17 and 18 of the public health law and other applicable laws and regulations.


From Lisa Rudley:

Please ACT NOW as there is an important vote going through this Tuesday (2/9/10) that would further this very DESTRUCTIVE bill! One phone call, one fax will make all the difference. We have defeated these types of bills before, but we need every concerned New Yorker contacting their legislators immediately.

I will be going to Albany early Tuesday morning, please let me know if anyone wants to join me. Let's protect our kids together!!! Please forward the below alert to all your lists immediately.

Help Stop the Destruction of Parental Rights in New York Regarding Vaccines

Help DEFEAT Proposed Bills that Would:

1. Permit ALL Present and Future Vaccines and Drugs for Sexually Transmitted Diseases to be Given to New York Children WITHOUT Parental Consent


and A6702 )

2. Legally Force Controversial HPV Vaccine on 6th Grade New York School children

(A0778 )

Spending Just a Few Minutes Can Make a Difference:

1. IMMEDIATELY Forward this note to everyone you know in New York state

2. Ask your elected Senator and Assembly Member to OPPOSE S4779,A6702 and A0778!

Use the "Find My Senator" section on http://www.nysenate.gov/ and the "Member Search by Zip Code" on http://assembly.state.ny.us/mem/

Use the contact information to CALL, EMAIL, and FAX to send the strongest message

3. Request members of the Senate Codes Committee vote AGAINST S4779 before the committee hearing on Tuesday 2/9/10

Chair: Sen. Eric T. Schneiderman, (518) 455-2041, schneide@senate.state.ny.us,
Fax (518) 426-6847

Sen. John J. Bonacic, (518) 455-3181, bonacic@senate.state.ny.us,
Fax (518) 426-6948

Sen. Neil D. Breslin, (518) 455-2225, breslin@senate.state.ny.us,
Fax (518) 426-6807

Sen. John A. DeFrancisco , (518) 455-3511, jdefranc@senate.state.ny.us,
Fax (518) 426-6952

Sen. Thomas K. Duane, (518) 455-2451, duane@senate.state.ny.us,
Fax (518) 426-6846

Sen. John J. Flanagan, (518) 455-2071, flanagan@senate.state.ny.us,
Fax (518) 426-6904

Sen. Martin J. Golden, (518) 455-2730, golden@senate.state.ny.us,
Fax (518) 426-6910

Sen. Shirley L. Huntley, (518) 455-3531, shuntley@senate.state.ny.us,
Fax (518) 426-6859

Sen. Jeffrey D. Klein, (518) 455-3595, jdklein@senate.state.ny.us,
Fax (518) 426-6847

Sen. Andrew J Lanza, (518) 455-3215, lanza@senate.state.ny.us,
Fax (518) 426-6852

Sen. Kevin S. Parker, (518) 455-2580, parker@senate.state.ny.us,
Fax (518) 426-6843

Sen. Bill Perkins, ( 518) 455-2441, perkins@senate.state.ny.us,
Fax(518) 426-6809

Sen. Stephen M. Saland, (518) 455-2411, saland@senate.state.ny.us,
Fax (518) 426-6920

Sen. John L. Sampson, (518) 455-2788, sampson@senate.state.ny.us,
Fax (518) 426-6806

Sen. Daniel L. Squadron, (518) 455-2625,squadron@senate.state.ny.us,
Fax (518) 426-6956

Sen. Dale M. Volker, (518) 455-3471, volker@senate.state.ny.us,
Fax (518) 426-6949

4. Please send a copy of your letter and any responses you receive to nyvaccinechoice@gmail.com

Key Talking Points: Oppose S4779 and A6702 which permit ALL present and future vaccines and drugs for sexually transmitted diseases to be given to New York children WITHOUT parental consent

These bills remove parental rights for all New York parents

If a child has a drug or vaccine reaction, the parents won't know what is happening or how to help

These bills apply to ALL children - there is NO age limit

A child's has a limited capacity to understand pharmaceutical drug and vaccine risks and identify side effects they may experience

Unknown vaccine administrators don't know the child's medical history, vaccine contraindications, allergies, and past vaccinere actions

Children unknowingly are giving up their legal rights when asking for a vaccine because Federal QUESTIONS?

contact Lisa Rudley, Heather Walker, and John Gilmore for additional instructions on what can be done:

Lisa Rudley ,

Heather Walker,

John Gilmore

Gary Krasner, Director Coalition For Informed Choice 188-34 87th Drive, Suite 4B Holliswood, NY 11423 718-479-2939 CFIC@nyct.net www.CFIC.us

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