Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Parent Alienation- Stockholm Syndrome- Trauma and Betrayal Bonds

As most of my regular readers know, I'm writing a book.

I couldn't begin to tell what's gone into the research.. but It's been A LOT!

Ok, so? Well... many of my readers follow this blog because of Parent Alienation and Parent Alienation Syndrome. I've often seen people at a loss of where to go for help with children that have been alienated.

Right now I'm reading The Betrayal Bond: Breaing Free of Exploitive Relationships..

I came across something that made me think Hmmm...

While theyre all fighting over the terminology.. I may have an idea.

Screw the terminology right now and read all you can on trauma bonding- betrayal bonding.. and find professionals in your area that study research or work with trauma survivors!

I'm going to start a list of links over there --->>> with the trauma specialists names I come across.

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Anonymous said...

louise Bobbi here , I am so excited for you in this endevour you are on with the book , please let me know when its out as I would like a signed copy go girl!!!

Louise Uccio said...

Thanks Bobbi,

It's been a long road- and if I can help one person that might not otherwise read a self help book- help themselves.. then my misson will be accomplished!

The book is so untraditional- I'm ALMOST afraid lol

Thanks again