Saturday, September 12, 2009

Closer and closer

I'm stopping by to say I have NOT abandoned you! No readers I would nevah do that.

I've been healing, not sure how many of you know I had tendons and nerves hijacked, transplanted, sewn up, and massaged daily- what a month!

However, I did not let those nasty doctors with the scalpels stop me from working on my book...

I'm so not tootin my own horn- or am I?

Ehhh either way, I'm beyond impressed...

I had no idea a memoir self-help book, written primarily for the parents of divorce and alienation could be such great reading!

I think the theme of Planet Dys-fukin'-funtion added a lot of fun to it.

Or maybe it was the choice to build a Victim Triangle Park into the script..

I dunno.. but it's been a lot of fun!

I changed the name to Connecting The Dots: Why We Are Where We Are


Offers to critique? (Would only accept these offers from long time followers- or others I personally know in the family rights world) Hey, I can't go givin away the book to someone I don't know.. can I!

Anything ya wanna add?

Anyone wanna be interviewed for my next book? Ha ha ha..


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Melanie Doty said...

can you coontact me please

Thank you very much