Thursday, August 13, 2009

Parent Alienation Syndrome- Stockholm Syndrome- Brainwashing and Cognitive dissonance!

As most of you know - I've been pretty busy writing my book -

Connecting The Dots: Abuse From Cradle to the Grave and Beyond!

I want every one of ya to buy it - so it's probably not in my best interest to share even this small amount of what I've learned.

Buuuut I have a heart and a dark sense of humor and boy oh boy a vulgar mouth! So those attributes alone will gitcha to buy the book.

With that said -

Alienated parents - this my friend is part of how those fuck-bags alienated our children!

May every one of 'em (alienators) ROT in eternal hell!

Cognitive dissonance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cognitive Dissonance

cognitive dissonance - The Skeptic's Dictionary -

Hey - do any of my "professional" mental Health Expert followers wanna "Authenticate the book by becoming part of it after agreeing I have half a clue? Email me!! Otherwise it'll have to go out unchecked by a pro! Written dysfunctionally, with lots'a vulgarity and dark humor- topped off with a touch of fantasy!

(Shaking my head- can you say- Only you Louise-(while shaking your head)- Only you!)

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