Sunday, August 9, 2009

An Open Letter

This morning I received this email. (below)

I have not seen any documents on this case. However I figured sine the person who sent it did not sign their name it would be safe to post without documentation.

I guess we can call it an Open Letter To Whom It May Concern, from an anonymous victim!

Dear Louise,

I sent my story to

Maybe you can put this on your web site also.

If you have any suggestions or can be of some help or even emotional support I would appreciate any help that you may know of.

To Whom it May Concern,

I see that Senator Coburn of Oklahoma is a part of your network. I sent him a email explaining what his state has done and is doing to me at this time. I guess he was not interested or receives so many emails he did not see mine, I never did get any response.

My father passed away last Sept 2008 in Oklahoma. I was my father's only child.

My father made me his power of attorney and made a Will leaving me everything.

About a month before he passed his second ex wife who has now been divorced from my father for 10 years heard he was dying and came to Oklahoma from Ohio, then tried to take custody of my father. The Courts ignored my fathers wishes. The power of Attorney my father made states that under no circumstance there would be a guardianship proceed and if their was his Son would always be his guardian. This was drafted by my Father's Attorneys.

That day in court the Judge took away my guardianship.

Six hours after the paper work was finalized my Father passed away.

The ex wife's attorneys said they were not interested in my Dad's body, only his money. To this day I have been in Court as she and her lawyers are trying to steal my inheritance.

I am spending my money on lawyers and am on disability.

His ex wife is not paying her lawyers one cent, I heard she worked out a deal with them whatever they can win for her they get 50%.

I have heard from my fathers friends that if she cannot have the money she will make sure his son cannot and it will be eaten up in court fees and lawyers.

Courts do not care.

I have found out that from one of her previous employers she was fired for theft.

I have found out her son is a convicted felon for robbery.

I have found out she has tried to sue other people to obtain cash settlements.

I have been told by everyone that has ever known her that what she did was all planned in an effort to get money from my father.

I am a joint tenant on my fathers house. The day after my father passed ex wife's attorneys got a restraining order and I cannot stay in own house or even use the car that I have full ownership of.

When I was about 7 years old my father had a brain tumor and had surgery. His short term memory was bad. He was not incompetent. He worked traveled etc...

My father's ex wife took advantage of this situation as I am hearing more and more from people about things that she and her son stole from my father thinking he would not notice.

There is no reason I should be in Court. I live in CA and my attorneys in my state said that what is happening is illegal in CA.

I guess courts in Oklahoma can do whatever they choose in that state.

I would think that if Senator Coburn cares about Parental rights and is a part of your organization, in the state of Oklahoma that this would interest him. My final days were stolen from me by this wonderful corrupt system of ours.

My Father worked his entire life never missed a day of work and the courts invaded his privacy making his last days chaotic and without peace.

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