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Agency Failed in Probing Child Abuse

After reading these articles I had to write to the Sun and tell them what happened in my personal dealing with these people.

Well not that I am surprised, they failed to post it so I will...
(See my reply which was rejected- at the end)

Staff Reporter of the SunAugust 10, 2007

The Administration for Children's Services will hire 100 new investigators with law enforcement backgrounds to help transform what a scathing study released yesterday by city investigators described as the agency's culture of complacency, neglect, and dishonesty.

Ms. Gill Hearn proposed 25 other recommendations, including ene 141-page report by the Department of Investigation commissioned by the mayor exhaustively details the bungled cases of 11 children who died and one who nearly drowned while their families were being monitored by the agency. Among the deaths were the high-profile murders of 7-year-old Nixzmary Brown and 4-year-old Quachaun Browne

The report found a pattern of incompetence and negligence up the line from caseworkers to the agency's management, including cases closed "where unstable, potentially deadly situations remained unresolved in the homes" and caseworkers who lied to cover up their own inaction when children died.

"These 10 cases revealed a road map of problems with ACS investigations Â-- the same problems that this city has seen over and over again in the past," the commissioner of the City of New York Department of Investigation, Rose Gill Hearn, who led the 18-month study, said. "Facts were not ascertained and children were left at risk because ACS did not have all of the information."

The report detailed instances of caseworkers routinely accepting the denials of parents accused of abusing their children, without bothering to check with other witnesses.

"DOI's investigation has revealed grave problems in the quality and integrity of the investigations conducted by ACS staff," the report said. " ACS staff often conducted careless, incomplete investigations of serious abuse allegations."

Caseworkers also frequently neglected to check up on families where abuse had been found, didn't bother to obtain critical medical records or criminal background checks, and dragged their feet in seeking legal action when they were barred access to hostile homes.

In one instance, the case of Quachaun Browne, who died after he was beaten repeatedly over the course of a weekend by his mother's boyfriend, was closed even after an ACS worker found that the home was filthy and empty of food after responding to reports that the children were eating garbage and begging from neighbors.

In another, a caseworker didn't investigate discrepancies in the accounts of Nixzmary Brown's siblings about injuries she had that appeared to be the result of abuse. Instead, the caseworker accepted Nixzmary's stepfather's account that Nixzmary had fallen on a piece of wood. Her emaciated body was found a month later after her stepfather was accused of banging her head against a faucet and sexually abusing her.

Meanwhile, caseworkers were often working without cars, cell phones, or even notebooks to record interviews, and were provided only limited training in the techniques of investigation and interrogation.

Ms. Gill Hearn suggested that to fix its many failings, the agency's priority should be to "get the facts." She recommended the hiring of 100 "investigative consultants" with law enforcement experience that will cost the city about $3 million.

Twenty investigators were hired this year as a part of reforms the agency has been implementing since the uproar over the death of Nixzmary Brown, which have included the firing or discipline of 14 workers. With the additions, Ms. Gill Hearn said there would be one investigator to every 15 caseworkers.

Ms. Gill Hearn proposed 25 other recommendations, including encouraging caseworkers to travel in pairs instead of alone, and teaching them to take notes.

She also said the agency should learn from past reform efforts that led to only nominal, superficial changes.

The ACS commissioner, John Mattingly, called the study a "very tough report."
"In child protection, there is no quick fix, no silver bullet," he said. "This is not going to be a snap your fingers and put out a new policy and everything will be better."

But he also said he was appreciative of the report and planned to implement the recommendations.

He added that ACS is making progress despite challenges, including a dramatic increase in reports of child abuse since Nixzmary's case in 2006, to an estimated 61,000 this year from 48,000 in 2005.

This year, he said in 40% of cases, workers had documented evidence of abuse, up from 33% in 2005. By increasing the number of caseworkers to about 1,300 from 900, Mr. Mattingly said the average caseload has fallen to 11 this year from 20 in 2005, although some caseworkers still have up to 20 cases at a time.

"We have a ways to go," he said. "But we have seen improvements."

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Agency Failed in Probing Child Abuse - August 10, 2007 - The New York Sun

However MY comment was rejected so here it is-

I have personally had my family destroyed by ACS- 6 Years of fraudulently being on a state registry only to have it over turned as soon as I found out about it!

These agencies need to be dismantled not funded!

See below for the latest whistle blower on child anything but protective services-

Family Attorney Blows the Whistle on State Child Protective Services Agencies « The T.R.U.T.H. Project

Practicing family attorney Gregory Hession confirms child protective service agencies engage in abusive, deliberate and dirty tricks motivated by federal funding.

Every year thousands of families are forcibly separated from their children based on unsubstantiated or outright false allegations of child abuse. Gregory Hession, a practicing constitutional and family law attorney in Mass., says that for these families, the nightmare has only begun.

Children in child protective services (CPS) have been abused, wounded, brain washed, drugged, adopted out and some have even died. Hession has represented hundreds of these families and has dedicated himself to exposing CPS abuses and reuniting loving, deserving families. He documents CPS abuses in the July 23, 2007, issue of The New American magazine.

Hession’s articles highlight true stories of families who have been targeted by CPS agencies.


JASON said...

Why does Administration for Childrens' Services ("ACS") routinely sweep under the rug allegations of child abuse, child neglect, and child molestation (even when they are provided photographs, physical evidence, and tape recordings proof) whenever Sanctuary for Families starts representing the abusive mother?

Is it because Sanctuary for Families is an ultra militant Feminazi-lesbian organization which would rather neuter and castrate men and good fathers, rather than help ACS investigate and prosecute abusive, psychotic, alcoholic, violent, drug-addicted single mothers just because they are women?

Or is it also because Sanctuary for Families, a tax-exempt organization, routinely offers highly paid and cushy job offers to former ACS Investigators if they "play ball" and help illegally protect abusive and sick mothers who beat their kids?

Who can say for sure?

The Sexual Revolution is over.

Men LOST. Lesbian Feminazis WON.

JASON said...

Apparently, Sanctuary for Families has more money and political connections than God, and routinely uses "affiliate" Manhattan Mega-Law Firms of 10,000 plus lawyers, whom they "associate," to kick the living crap out of good men and fathers in Family Court, all for free, on behalf of sick, abusive, alcoholic, drug addicted and violent single mothers.

These corrupt mega law firms, while touting and bragging that they are "doing all the work for free" or "pro bono," are actually billing the Federal Government up the ass for thousands of fraudulent hours of work on behalf of these "abused women" con-artist females and Sanctuary for Families, under VAWA-based federal funding programs.

Hey, in a bad economy, fraudulently bilking the Federal Government with bogus and frivolous litigation, on behalf of "fake abused women," for hundreds of millions a dollars a year, ain't a bad racket.

The only problem is, no one cares that innocent babies and children are routinely getting killed, maimed, abused, neglected, and molested by some of these sick single unfit mothers because their good fathers have been completely shut out of their lives. This is all the while Sanctuary for Families subverts and sabotages the ACS investigative process, interrogates and intimidates witnesses, targets good fathers and witnesses for personal and professional destruction, engages in illegal ex-parte communication with Court appointed Court Officials and Judges, pays people off, bribes people, and destroys families, all for the sake of the almighty dollar, greed, and God knows what other type of benefits they get out of it.

Sick people indeed.

Tim Geithner, Henry Paulson, Benjamin Bernanke, and Goldman Sachs could take lessons from these fraudsters.

Louise Uccio said...

FYI, I publihed this comment against my better judgemet. I'm not into gender bashing for no reason.. if attacked I say attack back. But the above comment seems like displaced anger to me.. but here it is in all it's glory..

I did say, I'll publish stuff whether or not I agree with it.