Thursday, July 19, 2007

Have You Been Victimized By The System?

We want you!

If you are or have been a victim of the system, if your children are victims of the system, we want you to become part of the Class Action Lawsuit and other events planed this summer for our God given rights, to our children!

Or, if you are a young adult, or are a Tax Payer you can join in as well.

See FAQ here-

For a more detailed list of who can join, use this link-

My name is Louise, I am one of the State Directors for the United Civil Rights Councils of America.

We are looking for Non Custodial parents and their families, that have been victimized by the system! You are not alone, we are in numbers to high to ignore!

We are looking for families that have been victims of ACS (Child Protective Services) abuses as well!

If you or someone you know has been victimized and has had their civil rights trampled on, or eradicated, then this message is for you!

I need you to contact me (If you are in Westchester) or join your local yahoo group so we can make sure you are part of these important Civil Rights events happening this summer!

Simply go to this web site and join your local group, this is a class action lawsuit involving EVERY STATE! Copy and past the link below, and get involved, then tell a friend and have them tell a friend!

We want Government out of our families, we want the rights to raise our children free of unjustified Governmental interference! Too many wonderful parents are taken out of their children's lives and we've had it!

Join in on the class action lawsuits, find your State and join the local group for your county! Kick off 7/22/07

Tell your story on August 11th, 2007 to over 700 reporters, at the Straw Poll's!

Join us in D.C. on August 18th 2007, be heard!

Join us for the New Tea Party 9/17/07!

Don't sit there and take it- Take action today!

Contact me for more info or just go directly to this site and join your local group!

Stand up America, Our rights to our children have been ignored long enough!

One of the N.Y. State Directors:
Louise Uccio


Dr. Deb said...

What great information here!

Louise said...

Dr Deb,

Please feel free to share this info, our children who are the future are to important to either drug or rip from loving parents/famililes Unnecessarily!

We need to do something if there is to be a funtioning future generation!