Monday, June 25, 2007

Pro se Litigant sues 764 judges, Federal and State, in their personal capacity

1. Beverly Naves, an unstoppable Molly Brown, has filed a series of
civil RICO (Racketeered, Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) civil
law suits naming every Federal and State Judge (764 of them) in
Oklahoma, in their personal capacity.

2. Beverly Naves has filed the actions as a Private Attorney
General, ex rel, meaning that she has filed "on relation of" the
United States.

3. To date Beverly Naves has filed 4 civil RICO actions, each
chained to the next law suit. Each law suit has a number of John
Doe's as defendants, so that if someone is overlooked they can be
added to the civil suit, including someone in another state.

4. In the event that the DOJ, Department of Justice, decides to
enter the action, and since Beverly Naves is a Private Attorney
General, ex rel, the DOJ can ONLY enter the action in support of
Beverly Naves, since United States is already represented by Beverly
Naves as a Private Attorney General (See the Clayton Act).

5. The DOJ has published an order appointing a special attorney that
is charged with completing "an on information (investigation), with
authority to prosecute both civilly and criminally, including
authority to conduct Grand Jury Investigations."

6. One of the judges named as Defendant in one of the Civil RICO
actions, has ruled and has dismissed Beverly Naves' case. Yet, no
Order has been issued. Once an Order is written and signed that
judge will be subject to immediate termination, firing. On the other
hand, if no order is written and signed before the Term of Court
expires, then the ruling becomes void. Either way the case will move

7. Judges will not be able to avail themselves of 12(b) Judicial
Immunity since they are being sued in their personal capacity by a
Private Attorney General as provided in the Clayton Act.

For those readers who are old enough to remember the Spencer Tracey
movie "Judgment at Nuremburg" you will remember that you were told
within the movie that the first thing Adolph Hitler did when he was
elected Chancellor was to take control of the Courts. With control
of the courts, it didn't matter what laws the Parliament passed, the
judges would interpret the laws and rule the way Chancellor Hitler
wanted. Death to all those who opposed him.

That same fascism is alive and well right here in River City, USA.

The courts that were created by our Federal and State Constitutions
were intended to support the citizens in achieving justice. Lady
Justice was intended to be blind to influence, to seek only the
truth and meet out justice accordingly. Any resemblance of today's
courts to the intentions of the Founding Fathers is purely

The Bar, a TRADE UNION, issues recommendations to practice law for
Attorneys (there is no such thing as a license to practice law)
which are approved by the State Supreme Court. Those Judges are also
members of the Bar. Both Attorneys and Judges are members of the
same trade union.

Judges are appointed or elected upon the recommendation of the Bar,
while Attorneys are allowed to practice at the discretion of the
Bar. So, we have a trade union in charge of or in control of the
entire Judiciary. No Conflict of interest here, is there? Did you
ever have the feeling that you were lying face up looking at the
undercarriage of a bus?

Beverly Naves has filed her civil RICO suits because of
perpetrations by some judges and actions not taken by other judges.
That is to say, those who have perpetrated crimes against "the
people" and those who stood by and did nothing, making themselves
complicit in the crimes.

Some of those crimes include:

· Denial of access to court,
· Denial of both procedural and substantive due process,
· Judgments absent "subject matter jurisdiction,"
· Destruction of evidence,
· Fabrication of evidence,
· Bribery,
· Abuse of pro se / pro per litigants through threat, coercion or
· Ignoring U.S. Supreme Court ruling,
· Ignoring precedents,
· Ex parte meetings, some times on a golf course or in a bar,
· Suborning perjury,
· Fraud on the Court by the Court,
· Mail fraud,
· Wire fraud,
· And unfortunately, much more.

Beverly Naves is one person who has had her fill and has decided to
do something about it. There are those who'd say you can't fight
city hall, but don't tell that to Beverly. She can't hear it.

What this case could mean to those named as defendants is it that
they will have to pay, from their own pocket, legal retainers that
could start at $20,000 to $50,000 and require even more money as the
case moves forward.

When Beverly Naves' suit is successful:

· it would mean that all of those judges ruled against will
immediately be removed from the bench,
· they will have to pay back ALL of the wages they have received,
· and loose their pensions.

It could also mean that the judges ruled against will be
investigated to determine:

· how much money they have accepted as bribes,
· or defrauded and extorted from litigants,
· and a Grand Jury indictment resulting in criminal trials and jail
sentences for the perpetrators along with those who were complicit.

Back in the 1960's Ralph Nader, an attorney, took General Motors to
their knees, twice. A monumental feat, no doubt. Beverly Naves is
not an attorney and has taken on an even bigger adversary, the 10th
Federal Circuit and all of the judges for the state of Oklahoma.

Can you imagine the looks on the faces of those judges when Federal
Marshals appeared to serve papers on them? Can you imagine that
happening in open court?

Who says you can't make a difference? Who says you can't fight city
hall? Not Beverly Naves, not those who supporter her.


JQ75 said...

Well hip hip hurray for someone who won't take it anymore. Oh I'm sure the establishment has labeled her with all kinds of unflattering labels, probably as Nader was and sometimes still is labeled. But people like this are few and far between they need our support.

I saw so much abuse in the legal system that I have said on several occasions it made me ashamed to be an American. Our country was the greatest in the world, but over time people grow complacent and do not implement their civic duty to control government. When that happens, corruption is not far behind.

As you mentioned, Hitler took over the courts, but here in America, thanks to voter apathy we have allowed the lawyers, bar, and apathy to take over our courts. Is either situation "better", I think not.

The connection between the bar, judiciary, and practicing lawyers is a severe conflict of interest that needs to be broken up. The disconnection between the parties and the judiciary where we are excluded from all but a full trial which rarely occurs is not the freedom our forefathers had in mind.

How fitting that RICO be used in this matter. For my experience in court was nothing short of racketeering for the profit of lawyers.

In my personal situation, I was denied my right to Pro Se representation, I was threatened by the judge in chambers, and the judge considered "statements" by third parties with an opposition, biased interest that by no means withstood any notion of proper "rules of evidence". The judge even threw out an independent Guardian ad Litium's recommendation in favor of the opposition counsel. The GAL objected that the terms I would be subjected to would be "disgusting", overruled in favor of the Plaintiff.

Beverly understands all too well, what most don't seem to care to understand. The problem won't solve itself. Every big change starts out by the actions of a few determined people and of course these people are harshly criticized for being non-conformist. Thank God some people care enough, understand enough to take on what appears to be impossible. They deserve our thanks.

Anonymous said...

Have you checked out they are doing the bus tour across the United States to educate people on the coruption in family courts and promote equal shared parenting.

Anonymous said...

can you believe it? this women is being held in a jail in muskogee on bs charges!

Louise said...

She is being held in jail?

I had no idea do you have a link or something where I can read about that?


Anonymous said...

This Is Her Sister Cindy!*.
I Am Here To Let Every One Know That My Sister Beverly Naves was stopped by highway patrolman in Okemah,ok 2005-for mistermenor tickets she has been fighting them in court ever since as pro sae which the courts didn't like that..
well she was suppose to do a jury trial nov.26,2007 which was monday.
she was very ill and under doctors care..
she went to the doctor nov.26,2007.
called the judge in Okemah to let them know were dshe was.
the judge said to fax papers from the doctors office stating were she was..
And would set another trial. Wensday-Nov.27,2007 i called judges sectery to see that everything was ok..
she said yes..
by 1:p.m that same tuesday the cops were @ my house arrested her and took her to Okemah jail..
bail was $10,000.. i talked to a bailsman and he said bring a 1,000 and he will get her out.
10 min. later he said 4 get it save your money she is having jury trial wensday nov.28,2007 i said no i want her out.
he wouldn't do it.
so i talked to another bailsman and he said he will do it for 700..
he called Okemah to tell them to get the release papers ready.
they said no.
he called me back and said he never seen somone that has a bond to get out of jail and they wouldnt release her.
so nothing i could do to get her out even though she had a bond.
they are just so mad b-cause the highway patrol man that pulled her over and also pulled a gun on her..
and his dad is a judge there in Okemah.She is sueing both of them also they brought another judge in from okmulgee,ok. to do her trial..
which every one knows there all freinds. so her she goes to court on nov,28,2007 started at 9:am wasnt over til 7:pm the jury found her guilty on all of tickets but 1.
6 months on 1 ticket 6 months on another ticket.
and fine on the rest.
they told me to just srop trieng to get her out b-cause she will be with them 1 year.. i think this is redicoulus 4 just mistermener tickets..

Anonymous said...

yeah they have her in Okemah jail in okemah . they sentenced her to a year for misdemeanors. this is ridiculous!!

Anonymous said...

Funny isn't it, JQ75 claims his ex is out to get him but if his hate blog against other bloggers is any indication of where he is mentally Id say she has a good point..
Check it out for yourself