Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Be Part Of the Solution

I have placed an Ad on Craigs list.. won't you do the same?
D.C. Family Rights Rally

Has your Family been destroyed by the current "System"?

Have you been torn from your Child/Children's lives by a vindictive ex, or the money driven Divorce Machine?

Perhaps it was the Government funding/incentives to State run "Child Protective Services" agencies that's at the root of your "founded" case that tore your family apart?

We are meeting in Washington DC on August 18, 2007, please join us!
(Link to Rally

We are also looking for more Main Stream Media to cover these events, hopefully we can bring awareness, which will cause change in the current "System" and save the future of America- OUR CHILDREN!

Two dedicated Fathers chose to bring awareness to the event by trecking 600+ miles by bicycle to attend!
(Link to story and info on this amazing effort by two Dads

My contribution today is this Ad as well as my daily blogs which can be found at..

Get involved, these are innocent children, being torn from their Families because of dollar signs on thier forheads! By working together we pray to get those dollar signs erased!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome article about the upcoming DC Rally this summer and the amazing 600 mile Pedersen bike ride from Michigan to DC. The CRISPE Bus will also be there as well as the lynch pin in the equal parenting movement. Hopefully sweeping reforms are made. I know the elected officials are shaking when they see the bus come to their town.