Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Parent Alienation Coaching and Beyond, Now Available

I've spent the last twelve (12) years desperately researching and learning everything there is available to learn about Parent Alienation, and Parent Alienation Syndrome.

First and foremost, I know without any doubt in my mind that "Parent Alienation" and the resulting "Parent Alienation Syndrome" are the work of abusers!

Prior to the term[s] "Parent Alienation", or "Parent Alienation Syndrome" the dynamics of dysfunction and devastation that takes place between two people who have a history of a loving relationship, has been labeled many, many, times before Richard Gardner labeled it "Parent Alienation Syndrome."

Some of the "other labels" that helped me understand the dysfunctional dynamics associated with "Parent Alienation", and or "Parent Alienation Syndrome", when it's being used in reference to the symptoms a child displays are:

(1) Trauma Bonds

(2) Stockholm Syndrome

(3) Cognitive Dissonance

(4) Attachment Disorder

(5) Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)

(6) Dissociative Identity Disorder  (DID)

(7) I Feel Like a Child Syndrome

(8) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

(9) Delayed Stress Syndrome

(10) Adult Child Syndrome

(11) Adult children of alcoholics

(12) Domestic Violence by Proxy

(13) Learned Helplessness

(14) Emotionally Unavailable

(15) The Ego

(16) Personality Disorders: Psychopath, Narcissist, Co Dependent

(18) Defence Mechanisms: Rationalization, Identification, Displacement, Projection, Regression, Reaction Formation, Repression, Denial....

(19) Parts Integration

(20) Enmeshment

(21) Inner Selves

The list goes on and on...

The depths of understanding such abuse was noting short of exhausting!

I was very lucky in that I had someone by my side to support me emotionally and physically so that I could totally focus on understanding how my babies were turned against me..

And now, a dozen years later, after studying under Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes in their team effort coaching program Robbins - Madanes Coach Training, as well as studying under Hu Dalconzo in his Holistic Life Coaching program, "Holistic Learning Centers", I've combining everything I've learned through training, research, and life experiences and put it all together to help others crawl out from under the devastation and pain that abusers (both emotional & physical) leave their victims in!

My Personal Empowerment Coaching, covers all aspects of Parent Alienation, and Parent Alienation Syndrome... in addition to empowering anyone that has had any of the above issues in their lives, or in the lives of someone you love!

Contact me at HaveUmistakenMe@aol.com and give me the short version, and I'll give you a number so we can talk in depth!

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