Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Control Your Destiny

This post isn't my "usual" type of post, it may not even be related.. or is it..

I started a new blog Don't Let Destiny Catch You Sleeping @  http://dontletdestinycatchyousleeping.blogspot.com/

The reason for that blog.. is explained in my first post..

"A year or so ago, when a fairly new friend of mine told me she was "reading cards" and asked me if it was ok for her to "read my cards" for practice, I said sure why not.

Did I believe in "The Cards?" Nah, no way!

But it wasn't costing me a dime and if nothing else I thought it would be entertaining.

So off she went to do a reading/report for me...

WOW! That's all I can say.. wow, wow, wow! Was I in for a shock! Probably the shock of my life.

She came back and said.. "Now it all makes sense!" Ok, so I was thinking.. "WHAT makes sense?"

My life has been filled with trauma. However, I've always managed to keep my head above water. To rise above so to speak. To make it through it all.. and come out on the other side, better than when I went in.

Ok, so was that what made sense? Hmm, ohhh yes, yes, yes!

I've decided to create this blog and add it to my other blogs in the hopes of helping others see what lies ahead so they can make it through their own 'personal challanges.'

To give them the insight. The insight I wish I had back then...

Back then, when it mattered most. Before I got sucked up into a world I knew nothing of.. a world I would have never ever believed existed, behind the doors of Family Court!

But, here's the kicker! If I had known anything about my "Birth Card" I would have not only understood my life much better.. I would have never 'gone into court with a man' the year my life was destroyed.. by going into court with a man! It was all there in my Cards. The warning was like a flashing red light.. Do NOT go into court with a man!

Additionally, a year later, I would have known that "life as I once knew it, was about to end" and I would have done things much differently!

Ehhh, I could go on and on.. about what I found out to late. But I'll tell you one thing...

Looking at my past yearly spreads, has made a believer out of me! Everything that went either right or wrong.. was right there for me to use to my advantage.. if I only knew!

Don't let destiny catch you sleeping.

Email me @ HaveUmistakenMe@aol.com and let me do a Birth Card Reading/Report for you.. find out what's in your future so that you can let it work for, not against you!

Don't believe me! Do what I did, look into your past cards and see how much truth is in those.. then you tell me if you want a yearly report or not. I'll put my kidneys on the line, that you will!

Don't wait another day. Email or Call me @ (917) 651-6974 and ask for your reading today!

I'll post and explain my "Birth Card" in a follow up post.. it will all then make sense to you too...

I'm telling ya, it all came into place in that one report!"

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