Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things that make ya go hmmmm

Yannooo once in a while I actually let retards in my world for a second or two..

I think I did it again Georgie!

I keep in touch with those I choose to keep in touch with.. the rest I've left somewhere in my past for reasons which are usually varied. But this one is obviously in my past because they aren't playing with a full deck. It almost sounds like my ex trying to implicate something that isn't so and is negative.

Ha didn't he/they learn to be very careful with what they write? I did!

Can anyone tell me why I wasted any time on this conversation?

Elaine Barker
I'm wondering how much you've changed as the person you were many many years ago and if you've tried to make amends for things you've done. After all the things you've gone through with your children I would think (and am hoping) there would have been a revelation of some sort and a different view of things going forward.

Louise Uccio
Hi Elaine, I'm sorry I missed this original message. However, I did see your message today. How can I help you? Do you believe you know me from long ago? Do you think I have/had to view things differently? If so would you elaborate on that thought. If not and you are just asking random questions, I would like to know what it is that you are truly getting at. Please be direct as I do not have time for vagueness.

Thanks, Louise

Elaine Barker
I do know you from long ago and I am hoping that you are different from the way you handled things back then. I am wondering if you truly do things differently now and what changed in you for that to occur.

Louise Uccio
Elaine, Let me start off saying that I don't know where I may know you from, it may be easier for me to understand what you're talking about if I remembered where I might know you from.. so please do tell. Second you are making implications of a negative nature can you please share with me where these comments are coming from? What ways did I handle things long ago that you "hope" have changed?

Elaine Barker
I guess I am implying things of a negative nature. I'm also basically an optimist and want to think that you are different now. I want to believe that not only do you actually help people, but that you've realized you didn't do that before. And that you can admit that at least to yourself. You've put yourself out there, creating this image and I was wondering if something brought you to this--some deep thinking, some real change, or nothing's really changed.

Louise Uccio
Elaine, we seem to be going round and round. Is there a reason you will not reveal yourself? Where do I know you from?

Elaine Barker
No, we're not going round and round, you're just avoiding my questions. If you are what you profess, then you should have no problem answering me.
Louise Uccio
Elaine, I am where I am for reasons I have posted online. I will not answer loaded questions for someone that claims to know me yet won't tell me from where or how they know, or believe that they know me. Enjoy your night.

Elaine Barker
You just don't get it. If you can't say that you understand things that you did in your life were messed up, then you've given me your answer--that there was no change in you because you don't see the need to. It's almost as if you can't even comprehend that someone would even ask that. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I just thought I'd give it a shot. But it makes everything you present to the world now pretty much worthless if you don't take responsibility.

Elaine Barker
I've tried to latch on to something here where you take responsibility for ANYTHING. But there's nothing. You have much to answer for in your life. Yet here (and seemingly everywhere) you are blaming others for your sorry plight and then wanting compassion and human decency (and money!) when you've shown practically none.How do you justify your own actions and people you've harmed thoughout your life? Do you really believe saying you're a child advocate exonerates you?It's unbelievable that you present yourself as you are doing when really you are just an embodiment of the lowest elements of human nature that exist. Let me repeat that: You are just an embodiment of the lowest elements of human nature that exist.And from what I've seen how your life turned out, karma can be a real bitch, huh?I will concede, though, that I have something I need to work on myself. And that is when I looked you up and found out about your children and looked at your pictures and saw how ragged, old, and out of shape you are now, I tried, but I couldn't quite feel that compassion for you.Eh, fortunately though, I can happily go on with my life never giving you another thought now. I actually feel tarnished that I even allowed myself any communication with you at all.Don't write back. I don't want my inbox soiled by you.

Louise Uccio
You're a sick cookie, I wish you the best!


A Mother's Plight said...

This Elaine person seems very troubled and in fact sounds like it may be your ex or his team hiding behind the veil of an optimistic woman.

If this is really a woman, she has never walked in your shoes and sadly I too used to be optimistic about our system until one day they allowed the abusers to take my babies.

In saying that, I am not saying I am free of sin, but to watch all of my parental rights be taken from me and given to a man who threatened to kill me, our child and then himself, all the while with his hands around my throat choking me, is an absolute outrage and ultimately beyond abusive of the courts to the rights of my children to have their mom.

Elaine, to you I say, find something else to do. What is sad is that you probably haven't sat with these moms, listened to their stories, read the ignored evidence and witnessed the rage and bias against them by the courts.

These courts are allowing abusers to kidnap their children. Even worse, these courts are taking parents away from their children who have the right to a happy life.

caroline said...

I share your plight... Thank you for being open and letting me know I am not alone. Is there something we can actually do about our situation? I want my children back in my life and have been without regular contact for over three years now. I have my brief visitations which are usually cut short by my ex's uncooperation and attempts at frustrating me in the hope that I will give up but I won't ever give up. I wish I could sue the judge who gave him custody... and my attorney and the gaurdian ad litum and the the psychologist who fortified his lies...

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, with you Louise, and Caroline!! I have been struggling with Parental Alienation for 7 to 8 years now!! This has been unbelievable devastating and extremely painful!! My heart has been shattered!! Teaching our children to HATE!! People complain about our troops and reason we are fighting in Iraq and Saudia Arabia etc... My ex is worse than a terrorist!! He and his family and who I call his Posse, encourage my children to HATE THEIR OWN MOTHER FOR NO REASON WHAT SO EVER BUT TO MAKE THEMSELVES FEEL BETTER!! Their new step mother Pam has no kids of her own, and will not be having any, so she is making sure my kids hate me and Love her!!! They want my kids to hate me, but how funny they want my child support!! ***You Alienate my children, then your child support should also be alienated!!** I find it funny how we have all these Government Support Agency for Child Support (and dont get me wrong, parents need to both support, their children, and they both need to raise, have a normal parental relationship with their children as well) but where is the Government Agency to help Parent / Child Relationship Support?? I will tell you they are the Guardiems, (most corrupt people and unqualified people making all the decisions, and lazy judges who do what ever the GAL suggest, and the lawyers who dont care about you or your children, they just want your money, and pretty much make excuses for losers I ve mentioned above !!! What is wrong with our world, today>< Kids raised in such dysfunction, due to people like my ex, his wife, and family, his lied to posse of friends, the corrupt GAL's (like Christine Gronlund, she has never once researched, or tried finding out the truth, she even refuses to see me, or talk to me!!And I am not supposed to get mad, ? She is getting paid off by someone!! hmmm!!) (I feel sorry for anyone having her as your GAL because your children arent being looked after whats in their best interest!! She doesnt care!!!She enables Parent Alienation, and in my opinion, she should face child abuse charges, she does more harm to children in Oklahoma than most child abusers that are behind bars!!!)
Louise I hope your situation has gotten better, i do have a question, do you know if I am able to file an alienation of affection, or slander with malicious intent, or anything on my ex-husband?
Also if there is anyway to be able to talk or chat, to you or other women who are as devastated as I am and are going through hell as well, I would really benefit from it!! You both and everyone living this Hell are in my prayers!!