Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cancer Stricken Mother

I've blogged for years and never would have thought of asking for one dollar for what I've done, nor would I ever ask for money to help others out there, in the real world either. I'm a firm believer in paying it forward without rhyme or reason.

However, my family ended up in a very ugly place. My youngest brother is a drug addict and "lost it" when he found out our mother was in the fourth stage of lung cancer which had matestisized to her brain. She lost all control of her bodily functions, her muscle tone is about five percent and she's showing serious incompetence which appears to resemble dementia.

Anywho, ya might be wondering what one has to do with the other..

Our youngest brother who I just mentioned is a drug addict, stole everything and every cent from her over the last two months including the house! Bills are building up like bad plaque.

I had to contact an attorney to see how we could get out of this disaster and well..thank God, we got the house back and he (drug addicted brother) ended up in a psychiatric ward for attempted suicide.. which he tried with a 5 inch dull crucifix, a bottle of zanax and a bottle of benadryl. (shaking my head)

This attempted suicide happened this weekend when he found out we knew what he had done and were reversing it all.. and pressing charges, he lost it!

I've had to sell all of her brick- a- brack.. her old sewing machines and her bedroom are going next. The dogs had to go as well, they were to much for us to handle-- but I gave them away, didn't have money to put an ad out.. so I put them on craigs list. Hopefully their new owner is picking them up in the morning. (Sunday May 21, 2010)

Ok so here's the million dollar question. If you've found the work I do on this page or when I appear in court or at the ACS office as your/their/her/his advocate helpful. Would you consider donating through pay pal, if I hooked it up?

I would only ask for donations until I sucessfully help my family back on their feet, from the devistation that our drug addict brother caused. Then it would be back to normal~ You read, learn, and get help just cause I'm paying it forward and it makes me feel good to know my nightmare can help others not get srewed by our system.

Leave me a comment if you would be willing to help with a donation and if I get more than two people willing to help.. I'll see what I have to do in order to set up a pay pal account.

Thank you in advance for any help you can afford to give.


P.S. Oh and if anyone wants to go visit our drug addicted brother who caused us more drama and financial hardship than I've ever witnessed in my life.. he's in Mamonidies psych unit.. he's the 34 year old selfish bastard who is probably going through horrid withdrawals, after his two month crack and zanax binge! Just ask for the guy who can't stop meeting crack head women who over the years have aided him in stealing everything my mother ever tried to own.. including her food-stamps month after month.. all for the love of drugs!

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Richard Moss said...

God, i'm so sorry, i can't believe what i read here.. it's suppose to be everyone realizing their full potential in a wide diversification, towards equality, a goodness of mankind.

All i can say is i'm sorry, it's not suppose to be that way

A Mother's Plight said...

This Elaine person seems very troubled and in fact sounds like it may be your ex or his team hiding behind the veil of an optimistic woman.

If this is really a woman, she has never walked in your shoes and sadly I too used to be optimistic about our system until one day they allowed the abusers to take my babies.

In saying that, I am not saying I am free of sin, but to watch all of my parental rights be taken from me and given to a man who threatened to kill me, our child and then himself, all the while with his hands around my throat choking me, is an absolute outrage and ultimately beyond abusive of the courts to the rights of my children to have their mom.

Elaine, to you I say, find something else to do. What is sad is that you probably haven't sat with these moms, listened to their stories, read the ignored evidence and witnessed the rage and bias against them by the courts.

These courts are allowing abusers to kidnap their children. Even worse, these courts are taking parents away from their children who have the right to a happy life.