Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Surgery Wed. July 22, 2009

UPDATED- Pic- can you say OUCHHHHH??
FYI- They did the nerve transplant into the thumb as well
Good morning to all my regular readers.

I am having surgery tomorrow (Wednesday) on my ulnar nerve.

Ulnar nerve - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Due to the extent of the surgery (which the Dr. has not determined yet- possible transplant of nerves into the thumb)

This blog may appear to be abandoned for a while.

I WOULD NEVER ABANDON MY BLOG OR MY BABIES (the reason for this blog)!

I will be back asap.

Pray for really good pain meds for me. LOL

Stay tuned I hope to return by Friday - even if I have to type with one dayum hand!

But if that's not possible hang around as Arnold Schwarzenegger says "I'll be back"

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Timm said...

Good luck with your surgery! Most patients see at least some improvement after ulnar nerve surgery.

If you are interested, you may wish to visit our cubital tunnel forums where you can share your experiences, ask questions and get answers about your condition. Take care.

Cubital Tunnel Forums

Hope said...

I do not know about ulnar nerve surgery, but having had surgery on both wrists, I would prefer to have a baby without anesthesia or pain meds.

Did you know we have more nerve endings per sq cm in our hands, than anywhere else of our bodies?

OUCH.. Give The Woman Drugs, Serious Drgs, at least for a few days.

Take care my friend,