Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

To all the awesome dads out there.. Happy fathers day!

Enjoy the kiddies today.. they grow up way to fast..

To all the awesome dads out there that are hurting today because you are not with your children.. due to our "wonderful" system or a vengeful ex..

Hold your head high.. your children know you love them.. but they can't do anything about it today.. they will one day be able to contact you but maybe not this fathers day.

Be compassionate.. they are in an enmeshed nightmare they can't be with you it's not that they don't want to be.. enjoy today and think past the here and now to when you will be together again!

Go out and pamper YOU! You are a dad no matter what.. and deserve to enjoy today with good friends or doing whatever it is that will make you feel like the special man you are!

To all the miserable bastards that took your children away from their mother and the rest of the family.. you will one day rot in the hell of your own making.. these kids aren't idiots they'll figure it out and you will live the rest of your miserable life without them. My wish for you is to live a long painful, lonely existence until the day you die... alone!

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